ProCreative. Literary challenge 29.02

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Charitable Foundation «Talented World» invites everyone to take part in 

All-Ukrainian remote creative people competition «ProCreative. Literature challenge»,

which opens up new opportunities for creative teams and performers from all over the world, allowing them to overcome geographic boundaries, material barriers and possible health problems. And given the whole world`s spread of coronavirus infection (COVID-19), this initiative regarding the remote format of the All-Ukrainian author’s prose and poetry competition «ProCreative. Literature challenge» is also aimed at preventing participants from being infected this dangerous disease.

All-Ukrainian remote creative people competition «ProCreative. Literature challenge»

provides performers and creative teams, regardless of age and place of residence, equal opportunities to participate, guaranteeing fair judging and objective assessment of performances by a professional international jury in various genre nominations presented in the competition program.

Competitive work is demonstrated to members of the jury through the use of relevant data of the specified format provided in the Application by the participants of the competition.

All-Ukrainian remote creative people competition «ProCreative. Literature challenge» will be held on February 29, 2024.

What are the benefits of participating in a remote competition?

• Your performance is evaluated by a professional international jury.
• Each of the participants of the competition, regardless of the result, receives a review of the presented performance.
• Each of the participants in the competition receives a diploma, award and prize.
• Participants get the opportunity to participate in master classes and other creative projects of the Charitable Foundation «Talented World».

How to take part in a remote competition?

1. Upload your video of your performance to Youtube.
2. Fill out the Application. Then you will receive an account number by e-mail to pay the registration fee.
3. At the time specified on the website it will be sum up the results of the competition, then the jury’s decision will be announced and the awards will be send.

Applications and payments are accepted until February 27, 2024.

The competition is divided into nominations, genres and age categories.

Genre nominations of the competition program:
• author’s prose;
• author’s poetry.

The works of the participants will be evaluated by the international jury consists of professional musicians, singers, artists, dancers, choreographers, directors from Ukraine, USA, Germany, China, Argentina, Poland, Brazil, Canada, France, Austria, Spain and other countries, as well as leading Ukrainian teachers of creative disciplines, leaders of creative teams, cultural and art workers.

The results of the festival-competition will be posted on the official website of the Charitable Foundation «Talented World».


The World is really Talented!

And You are its Talented part!

Just believe in Yourself!


Charitable Foundation «Talented World»

Phone: (096) 119-40-14 — Lydia Sergeeva.

Phone: (063) 686-03-67 — Natalia Yurieva.

Email: [email protected]

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